Tight Hip Flexors? We Have The Solution

Tight Hip Flexors

Tight Hip Flexors: Get Rid of Back Pain, Boost Energy, and Feel Healthy…INSTANTLY!


You have every right to be.

But do yourself a favor and take a moment to learn how simple

the answer can be to fighting pain, fatigue, and weight gain.

Tired? In Pain? Overweight? You’re Not Alone.

Tight Hip Flexors; Based on the described symptoms, you probably think we’re going to discuss a poor diet, inadequate sleep, or a hectic life schedule. After all, aren’t most people tired or in some type of discomfort? No one eats right or gets enough sleep. That’s just how it is.

But what if the cause of these symptoms was something you’ve never heard of before?

And what if there was something you could do about it?

The problem we’re addressing is tight hip flexors. If you’ve never heard of hip flexors, there’s a high chance that many of your daily complaints are related.

You see, everything we do goes through our hips. Whether we’re standing, sitting, twisting, reaching, bending, or walking, our hip flexors, the collective and common name for a group of muscles that connect the torso of the body to its lower half, are engaged.

And like any muscle, they can be overstrained, overstretched, or in the case of tight hip flexors, underused. This results in a short and non-elastic muscle in a critical area of the body.

How Do I Know If I Have Tight Hip Flexors?

If your hip flexors are tight, you might be experiencing pain in your lower back or the groin area. The pain might migrate down and through your legs and possibly as far as your toes. If you’re experiencing this pain, you might have assumed it’s coming from your spine or somewhere closer to the part of your body that’s in discomfort. But what surprises most people is that their hip flexors could be the culprit of their discomfort.

Want to know a quick way to test your hip flexors? Stand up straight but naturally. Look down. Which way are your toes pointed? If they’re pointed out instead of straight ahead, you could be suffering from tight hip flexors.

How Can I Treat Tight Hip Flexors?

To feel relief from tight hip flexors and back pain, the tension needs to be released from the muscles. But we’re not here to just throw a few stretches at you and call it a day. It’s more involved than that.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program focuses on using techniques that attack your hip flexors from a variety of angles. In our program, you’ll be introduced to the following movements:

  • PNF Stretching

This technique teaches you how to activate a muscle and relax it so that the included joint is no longer under pressure.

  • Dynamic Stretching

Next, you’ll focus on activating muscles so that they move a joint through its full range of motion.

  • 3D Core Stability Exercises

Without a strong core, your body will never function as well as it should. We’ll target the core and abdominal muscles so that they’re stronger and less likely to cause stress on joints.

  • Mobility Exercises

Next, you’ll learn how to target joints so that you can increase their strength, mobility, and endurance.

  • Fascia Stretching

This technique involves loosening and lengthening the fascia, the tissue that surrounds muscles. This is a commonly skipped step in other training programs.

  • Muscle Activation Movements

Our sedentary lifestyles have left many of our muscles stuck in the “off’ position. These movements will wake these muscles up and get them operating properly again.

As you can see, our Unlock Your Hip Flexors program isn’t just a single step promise. It’s a guarantee filled with a variety of movements that have been designed to target tight hip flexors, gently release them, condition the joint, muscle, and surrounding tissue, and then strengthen. It’s the ultimate hip flexor program.

But wait…aren’t there similar programs to yours out there?”

Maybe. But here’s where those programs still go wrong. Not only does our program give you detailed instructions on how to perform the movements necessary to loosen tight hip flexors, it also explains in detail the concept of flow. Just like in cooking, you need to add the right amount of ingredients in the right order for a recipe to come together. The movements are the ingredients and sometimes that’s all the competition gives you. Let us show you how to finish the job.

“I’m not sure yet…this sounds too good to be true.”

Yes and no. It is true that loosening tight hip flexors can change your body, literally overnight. You’ll have more energy, less pain, an improved sex drive, and the ability to lose more weight than in the past. But it’s not just about hip flexors.

That’s why you’ll also receive (for FREE) two bonus items with your Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual and DVD.

  1. Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings will teach you how to prevent a devastating muscle tear in your legs by loosening your leg muscles in just a few minutes a day. This will help correct your posture and alleviate lower back pain.
  2. The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet brings both programs together by showing you how a holistic diet can alleviate soreness and pains through the body by removing toxins and reducing inflammation.

Tight Hip Flexors

Your purchase of Unlock Your Hip Flexors will set you up for true success, especially with your two FREE bonus items. Remember the benefits you’re experience when you finally tackle those tight hip flexors:

  • Less pain, including the lower back
  • Lose weight
  • Enjoy high energy levels
  • Improve your posture
  • Better balance
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved sex life
  • Healthier immune system
  • Better sports performance

If your body is holding you back from enjoying life, tight hip flexors could be to blame. Let’s get you back to living life to the max with Unlock Your Hip Flexors, the only program of its kind that takes you through all the steps of loosening your tight hip flexors.


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