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The Best Hip Stretching Exercises for Proper Alignment and Posture

Hip stretching exercises help in strengthening the hips and in offering proper alignment and posture to the entire body.

It is quite common to experience muscle imbalances around the hip. Experts recommend hip stretching exercises for addressing this problem. The rotators and the hip flexors in people sitting at work for a very long time can get very tight and the gluteal muscles can get very weak affecting spinal stability, gait, movement patterns and posture. The hip is a socket type joint and stable ball with different motions. It contains the smallest and the largest muscles in the body. Tightness of these muscles and ligaments due to prolonged sitting can create joint forces resulting in postural problems, arthritis, mechanical back pain and bursitis. The positioning of the hip has an effect on the spinal and pelvic function and posture. This is the reason why regular hip stretches can help in maintaining good alignment and posture.

Stretching Exercises for Loosening Tight Hips

Some of the best stretching exercises for loosening tight hips include:

Lying Hip Rotations

This is an exercise that involves lying on the back with both the knees bent while crossing one ankle over the opposite knee. You need to move in and out of this stretch by rotating the hip in and out. You can make use of your hand for proper hold while pressing into the knee. The lying hip rotation exercise is one of the best startup exercises for warming up the body. However, it is important for you to remain aware of the soreness or the tightness of the knees during this exercise. If you happen to experience this, try moving the rotating leg so it rests higher on the shin.

Priformis Stretch

In this exercise, you need to cross one leg completely over your opposite leg so the knee is crossed over the thigh. Now try pulling the crossed knee towards the opposite shoulder. This will stretch the Priformis muscle. While remaining in the same position, cross your leg further while shifting the hops completely to the other side. This will pull the knee up towards your opposite shoulder. Keep in mind that you need to go gently into and out of this stretching exercise. It is also important for you to use very little pressure from the hands for resisting against the muscles that you want to stretch. There are several other exercises that can help you in loosening tight hips and in getting the right alignment and posture.

The Benefits Fetched from Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

Rick is a fitness professional adept at using the most advanced techniques for helping people with their fitness problems. Unlock Your Hip Flexors program developed by Rick is a sequential flow consisting of 10 best exercises, including static stretching, PNF stretching, dynamic stretching, muscle activation, 3*dimensional core stability exercises, fascia stretching and mobility exercises. This program has been specifically designed for bringing people all the major benefits of loose hip flexors with great power, flexibility and strength. The benefits of this program multiply when it is combined with a natural diet. This helps in alleviating aches, pains, stiffness and soreness by treating inflammation caused due to environmental toxins in water and food or due to injury.

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