hip flexor strain symptoms

Knowing and Treating Hip Flexor Strain Symptoms

Get to know hip flexor strain symptoms and increases your chances of getting the right treatment as soon as possible.

A hip flexor strain is basically an injury that is characterized by the tearing of one or more than one muscle of the hip flexor. This type of strain typically causes great pain in the front of the groin or the hip. Hip flexors make it possible for people to move their knees towards their chest during different activities. Whenever the hip flexors are put under stretch or contract, there is huge tension placed across the hip flexor muscle fibers. Excessive tension because of high force or continued repetitions results in the tearing of the fibers of the hip flexor muscles. This condition is called hip flexor strain.

Types of Hip Flexor Strains

Tears of the fibers of hip flexor muscles can range from small tears accompanied with minimum loss of function and minimal pain to complete rupture resulting in significant disability and severe pain. There are three grades of hip flexor strains and they are:

  • Grade 1 Tear: This is a condition where very few fibers of the hip flexor muscles are torn causing some pain but allow the complete function of the body.
  • Grade 2 Tear: A good number of fibers of the hip flexor muscles are torn resulting in moderate loss of function.
  • Grade 3 Tear: Almost all the fibers of the hip flexor muscles are completely ruptured resulting in complete disability.

Most people and especially athletes suffer from grade 2 hip flexor strains.

The Most Common Hip Flexor Strain Symptoms

Patients suffering from hip flexor strain generally feel a sudden, sharp and intense pulling sensation or pain in the front of the groin or hip during injury. If the strain is minor, there would be minimal pain caused making way for continued activity. However, the severe cases of hip flexor strain might have the patients experiencing muscle spasm, severe pain, inability of continuing activity and weakness. Patients suffering from severe hip flexor strain might also not be able to walk without limping. The people suffering from this condition generally experience acute pain when lifting the knee towards their chest or while engaging in activities like going upstairs, running and kicking. Patients might also experience stiffness or pain after waking up in the morning. Bruising, tenderness and swelling might also be present.

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