Understanding Hip Flexor Pain Symptoms

It is important to understand hip flexor pain symptoms in order to get the right treatment for the pain.

The hip flexor muscles allow individuals to lift their knees and bend at their waists. Nevertheless, people can experience pain in the hip flexor if they happen to strain the hip flexor muscles. Prior to knowing and understanding hip flexor pain symptoms, it is necessary to understand what are hip flexors. Hip flexors are basically a collection of muscles that work together allowing people to flex their hip joint. This helps them in doing actions such as bending at the waist and lifting the knees. The iliacus and the psoas are the primary muscles needed for hip flexion. These muscles together are known as iliopsoas and the Sartorius and rectus femoris. Apart from these important movers, some of the adductor and gluteal muscles are also involved.

The Sources of Hip Flexor Pain

Hip flexor pain is quite common among sports individuals and athletes. There is a lot of stress exerted on the hip flexors while kicking and sprinting. This is the reason why athletes and specially, soccer players, martial artists and runners are prone to hip flexor injuries resulting in acute pain. Hip flexor pain is generally felt in the upper groin area where the thigh connects with the pelvis. It can be caused due to a number of reasons and these include:

  • Muscle strain due to some activity
  • Inflammation of the primary movers
  • Lack of proper stretching
  • Muscle tightness due to inactivity such as sitting for a very long span of time
  • Fall or trauma

If you do not know the cause of hip flexor pain or in case the pain continues for a very long time, try consulting a physician for identifying the main problems and defining the right treatment strategy.

Common Signs of Hip Flexor Pain Symptoms

Some of the most common signs of pain in the hip flexor muscles include:

  • Pain on sitting or standing up
  • Sudden sharp pain felt in the lower back, upper hip, groin or front of the thigh while exercising. This type of pain is generally felt during kicking, high knee movements or sprinting
  • Tenderness and swelling
  • Overall weakness felt in the muscles of the hip flexor
  • Hip flexor bruising along with bruising of the groin, thigh and hip indicating the complete damage of blood vessels.

Because of the location of hip flexor pain, it is often confused with a groin strain. The best method of determining this is that the groin pulls will generally cause great pain while performing lateral movements. On the other hand, the hip flexor pain will not result in great pain.

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