Hip Flexor Exercises

Hip Flexor Exercises

Like all parts of the body, the hip flexors are necessary for tons of movements. Strengthening them is something that a lot of people do in order to improve their flexibility and mobility. To be scientific, the hip flexors are made up of two important muscles called the iliacus and psoas. These muscles run through your abdomen and attach to your femur bone in your thigh. Without these muscles, you would have a hard time performing basic tasks such as walking. So, this article is going to cover some of the best exercises that you can perform in order to strengthen your hip and the muscles inside of it. But first, let’s talk about why people would want to strengthen their hip in the first place.

Why to strengthen your hip flexor? 

The main focus on strengthening the hip is preventing injury. The hip, as stated previously, is one of the most commonly used regions and is necessary for virtually all movements. As the flexor loses strength and deteriorates over time, it makes it harder for you to walk and be active without experiencing pain or injury. Another thing about weak hips is that it can lead to bad posture. Having bad posture can cause back pain and other problems. Long story short, you should try to keep your hips strong. Using the hip flexor exercises that we are about to cover, you should be able to unlock your hip flexors.

Ball pikes

Ball pikes are an effective workout aimed at strengthening the hip muscles. In order to complete this movement, you will need to first gather a workout ball. You will proceed by putting yourself into a pushup position with your feet on the ball and your hands on the ground. In the starting position, your body should form a straight line and your core should be tight. The movement then consists of raising your butt up in the air and creating an angle with your back. You should use the muscles in your hips to move and it should strengthen them.

Ball knee tucks

Another workout that works for strengthening the hip muscles is ball knee tucks. For ball knee tucks, you will also need a workout ball. Similarly to the ball pikes, you will start in the push-up position with your hands on the ground and your feet on the ball. This time, instead of raising your butt, you will bring your feet to your chest and tuck them in. If done properly, this exercise should challenge your flexor muscles in your hips and strengthen them.

Barbell thrust

Barbell thrusts are also commonly used in order to strengthen the muscles in the hip. In order to perform this exercise, you will need a barbell and possible a few weights. Starting with your hands, butt, and feet on the ground, you will place the barbell on your hips. If the bar itself is heavy enough, then you do not need to add extra weight. However, most people can benefit from adding weight during this exercise. After the barbell is set and in place, you will thrust your hips to the ceiling and you should feel resistance. Performing multiple sets and reps of this rigorous workout are bound to unlock your hip flexors.

Stretches are important as well!

The thing about stretching is that not only does it allow your muscles to grow more effectively, it can also strengthen your muscle all on its own. Stretching also creates tiny micro-tears in your muscles which later grows back even stronger. Now that you know that stretches are also fair game for strengthing your flexors, let’s talk about a few useful stretches.


Bridges are a stretch that can be performed to relieve the hips of tightness and pain. While bridges are going to stretch your flexors, they are also going to strengthen them. In order to perform a bridge, you will start by laying down on your back. When you have laid down, you will then proceed by bringing your feet to your butt. Once you have done that, you will finish by thrusting your hips into the sky like you did while performing barbell thrusts. Instead, this variation is going to require you to hold for longer periods of time than a resistance workout.


The scorpion stretch is another one of the best hip flexor exercises that you can perform. The scorpion is also one of the most intense and relaxing stretches that you will come across. To perform this stretch and exercise, you will start by kneeling down with your knees on the ground. You will proceed by swinging one leg forward and wrapping it around towards the other side of your body. Once you have done this, you will vary the intensity of the stretch by increasing the body weight that you lay on it. After you stretch one leg, you should do the other one as well.


Lunges are one of the single most effective things that you can do in order to strengthen the muscles in your hips. The reason is that not only do lunges stretch out your hips through the use of spreading your legs apart, they also effectively strengthen and exercise your muscles because it takes effort for you to stand back up from a lunge. For those who are confused because they don’t know what a lunge is, here is how you do it. First, you will start in the standing position. From here, you will elongate one leg in front of you and bring the knee of the behind leg to the ground. Once you have stretched the hip, you will use the muscles in the hips to stand back up. In one motion, you will proceed by putting the foot that was in back into the front and lunging with your other foot. The faster that you do it, the more it will strengthen your muscles.